About Integris Rentals

Today’s dynamic offshore business climate demands that energy firms maximize asset utilization, protect workforce resources, and meet stringent zero discharge regulations. They need suppliers that have achieved a track record of superior performance.

Integris Rentals is recognized as one of the industry’s premier equipment rental firms for oil and gas exploration and production. With a wide range of products designed for safety and ease of operation, experienced and highly trained service technicians, and a corporate philosophy focused on client satisfaction, Integris has raised the bar on service to the oilfield.

The equipment supplied by Integris Rentals meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations, as well as all industry codes and Department of Transportation requirements. It is designed to exacting specifications, and is manufactured by seasoned professionals under the highest standards of quality control. Each piece of equipment is load-tested and magnetic particle inspected before it is added to our rental fleet. Before each shipment, all equipment is checked and double-checked to ensure that it is in tip-top condition when it arrives on location.

One call puts an experienced team at your disposal. And, you have the assurance that Integris service personnel and field technicians are fluent in the maze of rules and regulations that govern the energy industry, as well as safety procedures designed to protect personnel, equipment and the environment.

Simply put, doing business with Integris takes the regulatory burden off of our clients, allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand. Doing business with Integris means superior service, reliable equipment, and innovative solutions to critical equipment needs.

Mission Statement

At Integris Rentals our goal is to provide the best possible equipment that the industry offers today. We assist in the design and manufacturing of all of our equipment to ensure that it meets or exceeds all industry standards with a strong concentration on safety and environmentally friendly factors.

We also strive to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers and treat them with respect and equality.

With a “customer first” attitude and loyalty to the codes of the industry, our company has experienced steady and stable growth.