The Integris Safe Containment Work Platform is an ingenious structure designed to both protect workers and to reduce the carbon footprint of operations. Available in 8′ x 10′, 8′ x 12′, and 6′ x 6′.

During well work or reeled tubing and wireline operations, the platform utilizes a catch basin to contain any spilled contaminants. It’s equipped with lighting and a fail-safe fall protection system. By providing a stable, self-contained platform, work is performed safely and more efficiently.

We also carry a Squirrel Cage Ladder System, as well as Spools and Flanges


4 Safety Lanyard Points

Locking Entrance Door

Solid Splash Guard Walls

Stabilizer Points

Built-In 3 1/16” Double Studded Adapter 15M

Built-In 2” Cam Lock Drain with 25’ of 2” Hose

4-Point Adjustable Safety Davit with 65’ of Fall Protection

Solid Platform Flooring with Built-In Liquid Subsurface Pan for Spill Prevention

5-1/8th, 15M Double Studded Adapter (Built In)

Non-Skid Flooring-Ready

13-5/8th inch, 10M Size Unit